What Our Patients Say

“Dr. Stringer is professional and personable. He really can hit the areas that need the most work, but is also concerned about the person as a whole. It is great that he can come to you and he is punctual every time. He has helped me get back on my feet in no time! Thank you!”

– James H.

“After numerous car accidents and therapies that never seemed to undo what the car wrecks’ damage did to my body, Dr. Sean Stringer saved me! His ability to come to my home for care saved me from the aggravation and fear of having to drive to other doctors and from the pain of having to wait in their offices…sometimes for hours! My continued care with him has improved the quality of my life. I can’t express in words the value of his services. It truly was life saving! I have referred him to all of my friends and family. His mobile care was essential to my speedy recovery. Thanks so much Doc Stringer!!!”

– Dana E.

“Of all the chiropractors I have dealt with, Dr. Stringer is the best. He is very professional, friendly, and gives his patients 100 %. He is straightforward and always looks to giving you the best treatment. The added bonus is the house calls! I highly recommend his service.Thanks Dr. Stringer for everything!”

– Carrie L.

“Hands down the best chiropractor I have seen, Dr Stringer is knowledgeable and professional all while listening to understanding what your needs. I have seen a half dozen chiropractors in my life and none have been able to do in years what Dr Stringer has done in a few months, all in the comfort of my home. I have recommended Dr Stringer to all of my friends and family… first class service guaranteed!”

– Dallas C.

“Of all the chiropractor’s that I have been to only Dr. Stringer was able to help my back problems…I went to other doctor’s and had to go for years and Dr. Stringer helped me the first time I saw him and in just a short time I was my normal self…I highly recommend him and now he makes house calls which is really a plus in my book…no fighting the traffic and no long waits (which I never had with Dr. Stringer , he was and is always on time).”

– Nikki S.

Sue S. said, “Great doctor with a great bed side manner. Extremely personable and very genuine. Will probably make you laugh as he gives you an adjustment!”

– Sue S.

Sarah B. said, “Dr. Stringer is extremely professional, and I love the fact that he is mobile. I have dealt with headaches for years, and after one adjustment, the frequency and strength of my headaches have drastically decreased.”

– Sarah B.

“My experience with Dr Stringer was very helpful to my shoulder injury, He used a technique that really helped break up the scar tissue that had formed around the injury. It took a couple of days to feel the difference, but my range of movement is so much better than it was before the treatment from Doc Stringer. I will be recommending Doc Stringer to all my friends who could benefit from his services.”

– Patty J.

“Before my visits with Dr. Stringer my back pain was unbearable. I would through my back out once a month and be in pain for at least a week. After my first visit with Dr. Stringer i noticed a huge improvement in the longevity of time before my back would even just start to bother me. Once I started to see Dr. Stringer twice a month my pain never came back. He is a great doctor, really funny, and easy to get along with.”

– Ivan K.

“He’s the best! I always go see him when I’m back home in FL!”

– Kari S.

“I went to see Dr. Stringer a couple of weeks ago. I was very impressed with his confidence and professionalism. He was very educated and you could tell that he takes pride in what he does. My appointment was very quick but sufficient. I have never felt better! He is who I am going to see for my adjustments from now on. I would highly recommend him to everyone!”

– Brandy P.

“I highly recommend Dr. Stringer and wouldn’t trust anyone else with my back! I have been a patient since 2005.”

– Mey V.

“Dr. Sean is the best chiropractor I’ve found! His adjustments last longer and are more effective than the other 4 chiropractors I have been to. No other chiropractor compares to Dr. Stringer when it comes to personal attention. He listens to the problem, and fixes it. It’s that simple.”

– Rebekah S.
Got to say best thing I did while in town this week before heading back to Tx, was getting an adjustment with you! My neck was pain free for the first time in 4 years! Since my neck didn’t hurt, my 24/7 headache went away too. I didn’t expect that and it was great. Not to mention that you were able to give me answers about those dizzy spells that 4 doctors (spine dr., neurologist, primary, and endocrinologist) couldn’t explain. Thanks Dr. Sean!!!
– Jenny Carlson