Weight Loss Wednesday: The 7 Day Detox

Detoxing your body is important to your success if you seriously want to drop some of that body fat. Let me use an analogy, it is just like taking your car into the mechanic for an oil change. Are you going to tell the mechanic to just add oil and not to change the filter or empty out the old oil first? Of course not! Your car would never run the same. The same is true about your body. Just like you wouldn’t put clean oil into a dirty engine, you don’t want to put in clean good foods into your dirty body’s “engine”. You want to make sure your body is clean just like the engine of your car.

Fresh fruits and veggies contain powerful antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients which fight free radicals in your body. So what do free radicals do? Free radical can cause damage to your cells and DNA. The living enzymes in the raw fruits and veggies that you will be eating will work to help to break down the food so you can digest it easier…giving your gastrointestinal tract a much needed rest so it can repair and rejuvinate itself.

Dead foods such as starches, fats, and sugars don’t give you the nutrition your body needs so you tend to overeat. Not to mention that these dead foods cause tremendous stress to your gastrointestinal tract, constantly hammer at the lining of your gut, until they cause holes in your gut. These holes allow for things that should be blocked out to get into your body and can lead to more severe health problems.

Not to mention that overeating can put stress on your GI tract and liver eventually leading to poor digestion and poor absorption of nutrients. Your Gi tract and your liver work together so when one is overworked or stressed, the other becomes overworked or stressed.

The colon is designed to remove toxins and waste…and if your not getting enough fiber then your colon can become strained and stressed.An overworked colon has toxins and biles sitting around too long. Eventually the toxins and bile are reabsorbed by your liver and have to be refiltered. So your liver ends up refiltering something it already filtered once…this leads to a vicious cycle of your liver and GI tract being over-worked and stressed.

The 7-Day Detox week is designed to be a full week of detox with fresh fruits and veggies to help detox and clean your taste buds, liver, and GI tract. This is the hardest part of any lifestyle change program but it allows you to reap the greatest benefits.

During the detox, the majority of the week will be eating raw vegetables. There are roughly 42 acceptable vegetables to eat on the Detox week. You can eat as many and as much as you like of the vegetables over the next 7 days. I would prefer if you eat them raw, but if you have to prepare them I would suggest to steam or sautee them in some broth. Grilling them and broiling them is also okay, but again I would prefer if you have them raw. You can find lots of raw food vegetable recipes online. And don’t be afraid to get creative with spices and herbs. You can also use small amounts of salt, pepper, vinegar, and mustardto make your vegetables flavorable and delicious.

There are also 48 fruits which are acceptable during detox. You can only have 3 servings of fruits per day for the next seven days. If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, I would suggest that you only eat stone fruits or fruits that have a pit since they will have a smaller effect on your blood sugar. I also recommend that you try to eat your fruits in the afternoon and evening.

So why can you only have 3 servings of fruits per day? Well the sugar in fruit is known as fructose. And when fructose is broken down by the liver it is converted into glycogen. When your body’s glycogen stores are full, your body will now store this excess energy as fat. Now the point of detox is to get rid of fat. If you are adding more fat rather than getting rid of it, then you are completely missing the boat when it comes to detox.

Now that I have discussed what you can have during the 7 day detox week , now let’s talk about what you can’t have. First of all you shouldn’t any fats during detox week…this includes no dairy, oils, or mayonaise. Also no coffe, alcohol, sugar, soda, artificial sweeteners, junk food, or caffeine containing beverages. These are the types of foods we are trying to eliminate from your body, so including them would be counter-productive. Also, if you are taking a mutlivitamin, continue to do so but don’t add any vitamins or supplements into your routine unless you are ordered to by your doctor.

You also don’t want to engage into strenuous exercise or activites during detox week.

Your body is going to be cleaning itslef using some of the phyto-compunds in the fruits and veggies you will be consuming. You may feel more tired after the first couple days. If you are used to consuming caffeine or junk food may have additional symptoms. Withdrawl symptoms may include headaches, fatigue, nausea, and irritability. This should pass after a few days, and by the end of the week you will feel energized and pepped up.

During detox week you should start each day off with the juice of half of a lemon in warm water. This will work as a natural diuretic and a natural detoxifier for your gall bladder. It will also help with GI discomfort and cravings. Individuals with ongoing medical conditions, such as diabetes, should consult their physician before beginning detox.

There are some individuals who should not partake in the 7 day detox; pregnant and lactating women, and individuals undergoing care for an ongoing medical condition. If you fall into this category or think you can’t get through the week, we do have alternatives that you can try but they aren’t as good but will get you on the right track.

Now let’s talk about how to survive detox week. I have a couple tips that will help tame your hunger over the next 7 dyas.

The first tip is to eat more vegetables. Your going to need to eat a large amount of food to remain full over the next week. I suggest taht when you get hungry, you already have vegetable cut up, nearby, and ready to eat so that your not tempted to eat the foods you are trying to eliminate. You can also drink more water, drink green or red tea, or drinking some fat free vegetable broth. You should take your body weight and divide it by 2, and that is how much water you should be drinking per day.

The next tip is to add a high quality fiber supplement. Use it between dinner and bedtime…this will ensure that your bowels will move properly. Fiber powder will also help you to stay full in between meal times.

You should find something to occupy your time as well. you should go for a walk and take your dog with you if you have one, clean your house, organize your office and house, catch up on emails, or read a book. The key is to choose an activity that doesn’t stress you out but occupies your mind.

One way to fight hunger during detox week is the addition of protein. I recommend that you try to refrain from eating protein as long as physically possible in order to reap the benefits from detox. But if you have to have protein during the week you can add a small amount. No more than 3 ounces of clean lean protein to either lunch or dinner. Some examples are fresh tuna, salmon, orange roughy or other white fish, lean chicken or turkey (without skin), and plain almond milk. Avoid soy and any genetically modified foods since they contain toxins that are damaging to your body. Also remember to avoid dairy during this week…so no milk.

So let me summarize. Eat more veggies than fruit, don’t go hungry, go as long as you can without protein, and if you can’t make it at least three days…you didn’t really try.



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