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Weight Loss Wednesday: Why Diets Don’t Work (Part 2)

Your metabolism can go wrong in several ways: Yo Yo Dieting – Losing and gaining significant amounts of weight again and again. Most yo yo dieters begin as early as in their teen years. Crash Dieting – This is one of the craziest of the diets where people cut calories to as little as 400 calories […]

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diets just don't work

Weight Loss Wednesday: Why Diets Don’t Work (Part 1)

If diets worked then most people wouldn’t be overweight or obese. Instead of looking for a diet…you should be looking for a solution.   Have you noticed that most diets rise quickly and fall almost as quickly. Sure you hear about some success but soon you start to hear about studies that talk about the latest fad diet dangers. These diets cut out much needed food groups or […]

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What Can You Do For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Well here’s a brief overview of what you can expect when you visit me for your carpal tunnel syndrome: 1. A thorough history. It is VITALLY important, as your doctor, that I ask about job related stressors, hobby related stressors (such as computer work or playing musical instruments), telephone work, or working out – especially […]

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The Migraine Minute: How to know if you are autoimmune!

How do you know if you’re autoimmune?  How do you know if your immune system is attacking your body?  Well…we just talked about the fact that we can run tests on your thyroid, specifically TPO and TGB antibodies, to see if your immune system is attacking it along with running the immune panels. The reality is…most people […]

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Dr. Stringer holding a TerraQuant Low Level Laser

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a often a painful condition of the hand and fingers, specifically the palm, thumb, index finger, middle finger, and part of the ring part (all on the palm side of the hand). It is caused by compression of the median nerve where it passes over the carpal bones (or wrist bones) […]

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Weight Loss Wednesday: The 7 Day Detox

Detoxing your body is important to your success if you seriously want to drop some of that body fat. Let me use an analogy, it is just like taking your car into the mechanic for an oil change. Are you going to tell the mechanic to just add oil and not to change the filter […]

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Weight-Loss Wednesday: Eat More Often

  On this first episode of weight loss Wednesday’s I am going to give you my most successful weight loss tip. It’s the one tip that has helped people lose the most amount of weight…more than any other advice that I have given. So here it is… Eat more often. Now what do I mean […]

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The Migraine Minute: Migraines Can Be Caused By An Auto-immune Condition

An autoimmune condition is where your immune system is attacking a part of your body, and in your case, it is most likely attacking multiple systems in your body including your thyroid gland, adrenal gland, nerves, joints and muscles.  This could be why you suffer with migraines. Let’s start with your thyroid because it controls […]

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Weight Loss Wednesdays

Beginning soon…Sarasota chiropractor and former Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, Dr. Sean Stringer, and RX Wellness Center will be hosting Weight Loss Wednesdays. Weight Loss Wednesdays will feature advice, tips, tricks, and workout routines from Dr Stringer and other top trainers in the Sarasota area. We will have short instructional videos to help you improve […]

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Sarasota chiropractor giving an adjustment

Paying for Long-Term Treatment That’s NOT Relieving Your Symptoms

Reputable chiropractors do everything in their power to help their patients feel better as fast as possible with as few chiropractic treatments as necessary. Depending on your specific back problem and symptoms, multiple visits to the chiropractor should start to bring you noticeable pain relief. Within one to four weeks of chiropractic treatment, you should […]

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