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Lose Weight Now

Weight Loss Wednesday: Why Diets Don’t Work (Part 3)

Extreme diets disrupt your hormones. Hormones like Leptin and Ghrelin, are metabolic hormones, that go hand in hand. There is a balance between hunger and satisfaction. Leptin tells the brain to turn off hunger while ghrelin tells the brain that you’re hungry. When your hungry, about to eat, or just thinking about a delicious food…your […]

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Dr. Stringer's LiteCure Laser Therapy Unit

Dr. Stringer and The Florida Gators Use The LiteCure Laser Therapy for Athletes for Quicker Results

Here is a short video about how the University of Florida athletic training department uses the LiteCure Laser for their athletes. This is the same laser therapy unit used by Sarasota chiropractor, Dr. Sean Stringer. The Gator Athletic Training Department has so much confidence in the LiteCure Laser that they sent two LiteCure Laser Therapy […]

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