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No Vehicle Damage = No Injury. Right? Wrong!

Car crashes with little or minor vehicle damage  were once thought that if the car wasn’t damaged much then the occupant shouldn’t be injured. Right? Very Wrong! In fact, many researchers have specifically looked at this problem, and have found that there is no relationship at all between the amount of damage a car received […]

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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury – Pathophysiology & Mechanism of Injury

It was previously assumed that sudden deceleration or rotational acceleration generates shearing forces within the brain which disrupt small blood vessels and axons.  The resultant shear forces were assumed to physically disrupt the axons, leading to membrane retraction, extrusion of axoplasm, and formation of large reactive swelling. The subsequent pattern of white matter change has […]

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What Motorcycle Riders Must Understand About Florida Motorcycle Insurance

If you think that Florida auto insurance is confusing enough, then you will find that learning Florida motorcycle insurance law like learning physcics. This article addresses the types of motorcycle insurances a Florida rider must know. The most common misconception by most motorcycle owners is they believe they will be covered by their auto insurance […]

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Traumatic Brain Injury Testing

Dr. Stringer now offers testing for Traumatic Brain Injury (a.k.a. TBI). Often subtle or minor TBIs can be misconstrued as being all in the patient’s head just because the MRI or CT scan was negative. The doctor is lost…so the patient must be malingering. WRONG! That often is not the case…they just selected the wrong […]

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How Does Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Work?

Insurance and law are two of the most confusing things on the planet. This article is meant to help Florida residents understand personal injury protection also known as PIP. So how does PIP work? Florida Law requires that all owners of a motor vehicle with four or more wheels to carry a minimum of $10,000 […]

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How Calling a Car Accident Help Line Can Hurt You

If you live in Florida, I am sure you have heard commercials of car accident referral help lines. 800-ASK-???? or 800-411-???? But did you know the truth behind some of these lines?  Many of these so called help lines are actually call centers for doctor’s offices or attorney’s offices. One of the largest hot lines […]

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Oprah Speaks to Bret Michaels on the Fight for His Life

Today Oprah had Bret Michaels on to speak about his near-fatal brain hemorrhage. Bret spoke about everything he went through, how it almost killed him, and now how he has a second chance at life. Whether you are a fan of Bret Michaels or not…it can be a truly enlightening story. Brain hemorrhages (a.k.a. brain […]

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