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The Migraine Minute: How to know if you are autoimmune!

How do you know if you’re autoimmune?  How do you know if your immune system is attacking your body?  Well…we just talked about the fact that we can run tests on your thyroid, specifically TPO and TGB antibodies, to see if your immune system is attacking it along with running the immune panels. The reality is…most people […]

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The Migraine Minute: Migraines Can Be Caused By An Auto-immune Condition

An autoimmune condition is where your immune system is attacking a part of your body, and in your case, it is most likely attacking multiple systems in your body including your thyroid gland, adrenal gland, nerves, joints and muscles.  This could be why you suffer with migraines. Let’s start with your thyroid because it controls […]

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ADD/ADHD Success Secrets

ADD/ADHD Success Secrets can be read on my Facebook Page at Find out what we do that gets children and adults with ADD/ADHD better.

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Tips on Handling Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which one experiences temporary stops in breathing or shallow breathing during sleep. Each pause is called an apnea and can occur up to 100 times a night and can last anywhere from a few seconds to up to a minute. These episodes can occasionally cause damage to the body […]

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Why I Like Oxygen Enhanced Exercise?

The Importance of Oxygen One thing you will certainly hear from me is, “Your brain and nervous system need two things to survive: fuel and activation.”  The brain’s fuel comes in the form of glucose (the simplest form of sugar) and oxygen.  You get the glucose from the food you eat BUT as you age, […]

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Sarasota Chiropractor is Checking for Balance Problems

Sarasota chiropractor, Dr. Stringer, is checking a woman’s balance in Venice, Florida. Occasionally he performs FREE balance checks for the public to see if people are at risk for falling. Believe it or not but 70-80% of people over the age of 65 will fail this basic balance test.  The CDC recommends that everyone over […]

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Oprah Speaks to Bret Michaels on the Fight for His Life

Today Oprah had Bret Michaels on to speak about his near-fatal brain hemorrhage. Bret spoke about everything he went through, how it almost killed him, and now how he has a second chance at life. Whether you are a fan of Bret Michaels or not…it can be a truly enlightening story. Brain hemorrhages (a.k.a. brain […]

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A new study finds that simply reading pain-related words activates areas of the brain associated with pain in migraine patients, say scientists. The study compared a group of people who suffer from migraines with a group of healthy control subjects. All participants viewed pain-related adjectives and negative, non-pain-related adjectives. They were instructed to either generate […]

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Adjustments Lower Sensitivity To Pain

Spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) influence pain response in healthy people, according to research conducted at the University of Florida in Gainesville. As part of the experiment 90 healthy volunteers “were randomly assigned to receive one of three interventions (SMT, exercise, or rest) to the upper thoracic spine.” Before and after the intervention tested pain sensitivity in cervical and lumbar areas […]

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Dr. Clark’s Brain Based Blog: Confusing Vertigo Symptoms-BPPV or Autoimmune?

Here is a good article I found online about vertigo.  I hope you enjoy it. Dr. Clark’s Brain Based Blog: Confusing Vertigo Symptoms-BPPV or Autoimmune?.

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