Choosing Your Chiropractor Simply Because They Advertised the Cheapest Price

Cheaper doesn’t equal better.

In fact what it may equal is one large headache and a lot more cash spent in the long run because…

1. A low price can be the bait that attracts your phone call only to be pressured into a much more expensive procedure. You should be thoroughly examined before anyone offers you additional procedures that may not be what you personally need.

2.  Low price often equals the bare minimum service. Rarely do you know the limited structured cost that is included up front.  This means that you’ll be facing a high pressure upgrade offer or sales pitch with hidden fees and extras that cost much more.

3. Low price means you may not get the quality health care service you need to meet your needs… Health care shouldn’t be a “cattle call” of clients just to get them in the door to pressure them into buying procedures or services they don’t need.

Protect yourself by:

– Insisting on a complete written quote before any work is performed so you can protect yourself.

– Verifying everything that the total price includes.

– Checking for hidden fees or “extras” that are not included in the initial advertised price.

Bottom line: No chiropractor can stay in business at super low prices without strong-arming you for additional sales, so beware the chiropractor that is advertising a price that seems too good to be true…

… and it usually is.


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