Couples Weight Loss

Newly wed or married for years, couples who live together tend to gain and lose weight together. This is likely due to the shared environment and isn’t just a coincidence! Most likely you eat your main meals together…and people tend to eat more if they are eating with someone else rather than alone. You also probably coach potato together. And please, when you were single how likely was it that you cooked for just yourself? Also when you were single (man or woman), you wanted to stay fit in order to attract that hottie. But once you got hitched, you already hooked your mate and then it was easy to let yourself go. Now if you and your significant other are experiencing a weight problem, you should tackle the problem together!

Lose weight as a couple

Alright you couples…I have some good news and some bad news. So which would you like first? Doesn’t matter, this is a blog and I can’t hear you any way. I always like telling bad news first to get it out of the way, like ripping off a band-aid quickly, that’s what I’m gonna do. Due to biological differences, it tends to be easier for men to lose and keep weight off than women. Totally not fair for the women but a bonus for us guys! Some scientists believe it is because women need to be a healthy enough weight to bear children and sustain it. Even in time of famine, women will still have enough weight to reproduce. Women probably think this is a bunch of crap…and maybe it is!

On a positive note, the good news is that people who try to lose weight together (either with a partner, friend, or group class) tend to be more successful than those who go at it alone. It also helps to know that some of the weight lost is water weight, and men have a higher concentration of water in their bodies…hence us men tend to shed those pounds quicker! So ladies, don’t get discouraged if your man loses more at first, because you’ll see results too!

Quick tip

Just make sure of one thing…don’t be the “Diet Nazi” (my version of the Seinfeld Soup Nazi where one of you polices about dieting and the other about exercising) This could cause some serious problems between the two of you and we don’t want that! It works better if both of you are on the same page and have similar routines. Plus I don’t want both of you to relapse to the living room couch, and then add in a few reps at the marital counseling couch too. That would be bad! But no matter what your reason may be to lose weight, help each other through this weight loss challenge. Be supportive!!! It will be tough and you may want to rip each others head off, but it helps to realize that you are both in this to succeed. Keep encouraging one other!

Here’s to your health!

Dr. Sean Stringer, D.C.


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