Detox Food Shopping List


This is just a temporary way of eating so just bite the bullet…besides, you will also be cleansing your palate so you will learn to enjoy the pure, natural flavors of foods on the eating plan to come.

Eat raw if possible, but if you choose to prepare foods – steam or sauté vegetable in a little vegetable broth – grill or broil

Detox Vegetables (as many and as often as you like except where otherwise indicated – EAT FRESH, NOT CANNED OR FROZEN)

Alfalfa Sprouts     Cabbage     Jicama     Sauerkraut (no sugar added)

Spaghetti Squash     Artichokes     Carrots     Kale     Snow Peas

Tomatoes     Arugula      Cauliflower     Leeks     Spinach

Asparagus     Celery     Lettuce (all types)     Tomato Juice (1/3 cup), No salt

Bean Sprouts     Chard     Mushrooms     Tomato Paste (2 tablespoons)

Beets     Collard Greens     Okra     Tomato Sauce (1/2 cup – no sugar added)

Bell Peppers     Cucumber      Olives     Watercress     Bok Choy      Eggplant

Onions     Water Chestnuts     Broccoli     Green Beans     Parsley

Yellow Squash     Brussels sprouts     Hot Peppers     Radishes      Zucchini

Fruits (Limit to 3 Servings a day) – these are fresh unless otherwise indicated
Apple 1 medium

Grapefruit ½
Apples, Dried 4 Rings

Grapefruit Juice (no sugar added) 1/3 cup

Apple Cider ½ cup

Grapes ½ cup

Applesauce (no sugar added) ½ cup

Guava 1 small

Apricots, dried 7 halves

Honeydew melon 1/16 medium

Banana ½ or 1 small

Kiwi Fruit 1 large

Blackberries ¾ cup

Kumquats 4 medium

Boysenberries ¾ cup

Lemon 1 large

Cantaloupe ¼

Lychees 7

Cherries 12 large

Mandarin Orange ¾ cup

Cherries, canned (no sugar added) ½ cup

Mango ½ small

Cranberry Juice (no sugar added) ½ cup

Nectarine 1 medium

Currants 3 tablespoons

Nectars 1/3 cup

Dates, Fresh 2

Orange 1 medium

Figs, Fresh 2

Orange juice (no sugar added) ½ cup

Figs, Dried 2

Papaya ½ medium

Fresh Fruit Cup ½ cup

Passion fruit ¾ cup

Fruit Cocktail (No sugar added) ½ cup

Peach 1 medium

Grape juice (no sugar added) 1/3 cup

Pear 1 small

Pineapple ½ cup

Pineapple juice (no sugar added) ½ cup

Plums 2

Pomegranate ½

Prune juice (no sugar added) 1/3 cup

Prunes 3 medium

Raisins 2 tablespoons

Raspberries ¾ cup

Strawberries ¾ cup

Blueberries ¾ cup

Have FUN with it!

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