Weight-Loss Wednesday: Eat More Often


On this first episode of weight loss Wednesday’s I am going to give you my most successful weight loss tip. It’s the one tip that has helped people lose the most amount of weight…more than any other advice that I have given. So here it is…

Eat more often.

Now what do I mean by this? You need to eat 6 times a day. Breakfast, a mid morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner, and finally a snack before you go to bed. Snacks should be vegetables, nut, or seeds for your mid-morning and bedtime snack and fruits or veggies for you afternoon snack. You should be eating every 2-3 hours.

And the most important part of this tip…DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST. It is the most important meal of the day. It means breaking a fast.

Your body has been fasting all night while you have been asleep. You need to get your blood sugar up and at a steady level. You need to eat eggs or lean meats, such a turkey or chicken sausage, and have some veggies with them. This will keep your body running at a fat burning level during the day rather than eating bread, donuts, or cereals which are junk that only spike your blood sugar, leave you hungry in a few hours, and those excess high carbs are turned into fat ending up in those thunder thighs, that jelly belly, or that junk in your trunk.

Well I hope you enjoyed this first edition of weightless Wednesdays…see you next week.


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