Recipe of the Week: Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe

If you want to get healthy, you don’t have to give up baking. Today we’re making a flourless chocolate cake the whole family will love. Joining Dave and Cyndi in the Daytime kitchen will be Linda Joy Rose author of “Raw Fusion: Better Living through Living Foods.”


Ingredients: 2 ½ cup walnuts

1 pinch salt
10-12 medjool dates
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/3 cup cacao powder (unsweetened)
2 TB. Coconut oil
2 TB. maple syrup
2 TB. Water

Directions: Place walnuts and salt in food processor and process until finely ground. Add dates, vanilla, cacao, coconut oil and maple syrup and process until mixture sticks together. Add 2 tbs. water and pulse for a moment. Form into a circular cake, about 6″ diameter on a serving plate. A small slice of this rich cake goes a long way!

Options: Garnish with mint leaves or raspberries

Fantastic served with Vanille Crème Sauce or Suzanne’s Ricemello Crème. Drizzle with vanilla crème or put a spoonful next to each slice.


1 cup soaked cashews
1TB. Vanilla extract or seeds from 1 vanilla bean
2-3 TB. Extra virgin coconut oil
½ – 3/4 cup water
4 TB. pure maple syrup

Prep: 2 hours ahead – Soak cashews in water. Drain and rinse

Directions: Place drained cashews in blender with ½ cup of fresh water, maple syrup and coconut oil and blend until smooth. Add vanilla and rest of water, if needed, and blend until very silky. Refrigerate 20 minutes before serving. Can be sealed and stored for several days in fridge.

LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. “LJ”
Author of “Raw Fusion: Better Living through Living Foods” release 12/10

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