The Number One Secret to Losing That Belly Fat & Keeping It Off

Lose Weight NowThere is one secret to losing that fat off those stubborn areas. This secret is so simple and so easy but hardly anyone does it. If you were to do it, I would guarantee that you would have the success you need to get that fat off for good….and keep it off.

So what is this secret?

What is it that the most successful people do?

Well before I tell you…I want you to promise me something. I want you to promise me that you will do this. It isn’t difficult but you can’t be lazy and not do it. You must follow through with it if you want to get the success you are looking for.

So what must you do?

It is…Drum Roll Please!

(tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat)


That’s right…you must have a food journal. You need to write down everything that goes in between those things on your face called lips.

Keeping a food journal of your eating habits can help you determine which habits need breaking, and how you can get back on the path of eating right.

There is one journal that I know work amazingly well and it only costs $6.95. And I guarantee if you follow the information in it and write down everything you eat, drink, and even all your exercise in it…you will at least lose 5 pounds (but most of you 10 pounds) in the first month. That will make this small investment worth it!

This journal is called the Transitions Lifestyle System® Daily Journal.

  • Keeps you on track for 30 days at a time
  • Serves as a personal coach each day, guiding you through the system
  • Contains low glycemic food lists and menu plans, motivational quotes, stress and relaxation exercises, information on the 7 day detox diet, information on exercise, and success stories

Transitions™ Daily Journal is the first step in securing your commitment to the Transitions Lifestyle System®. It is designed to take you day by day for a months time. It includes meal plans for men and women and suggested low glycemic food list. Each day, you will be supported emotionally and nutritionally, enabling you to handle the stress in your life without resorting back to bad eating habits. And, youll be taught behaviors and techniques that will help keep you on the program to become healthy, feel great and lose weight.

To get the Transitions Daily Journal Click Here.

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