Weight Loss Wednesday: Why Diets Don’t Work (Part 1)

If diets worked then most people wouldn’t be overweight or obese. Instead of looking for a diet…you should be looking for a solution.


Have you noticed that most diets rise quickly and fall almost as quickly. Sure you hear about some success but soon you start to hear about studies that talk about the latest fad diet dangers. These diets cut out much needed food groups or restrict people from eating a very nutirtious diet due to their extreme calorie restrictions or food group restrictions.


Eventually you hear stories or read at least read about them on the internet, about those who didn’t lose weight at all or even worse yet those who gained the weight back plus more…I like to call those people the “yo yo” dieters. Those people are always trying the latest fad diet, only to end up as big or bigger (fatter) than they were before.


Sure there are programs that can help you lose weight, but are they the best program to help you permanently keep it off? No matter what you do, maintaining a healthy weight depends on eating rightexercising, and making a conscious daily decision to change the things in your life that got you where you are.


To be continued next week…



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