Weight Loss Wednesday: Why Diets Don’t Work (Part 2)

Your metabolism can go wrong in several ways:

Yo Yo Dieting – Losing and gaining significant amounts of weight again and again. Most yo yo dieters begin as early as in their teen years.

Crash Dieting – This is one of the craziest of the diets where people cut calories to as little as 400 calories per day. Cutting out complete macronutrients like high quality carbs and fats.

Yo Yo and crash dieting really throw off your metabolism… turning it into a cycle of a few pounds off, a few pounds on, a few pounds off, and even more pounds on. Studies show that any time you go on a diet it can slow your metabolism down from 10-15% making it harder even next time to lose weight.

You see your body goes into survival mode and begins to actually store more fat as your metabolism then starts to slow down. The reason this occurs is because many times with these diets the first thing people lose is muscle mass. You see in times where there are low energy store, like most these diets create, it is easier for the body to burn muscle as an energy source rather than fat. So you lose muscle at a greater rate than you are losing fat. When this happens, you become a fatter skinnier person. What I mean by this is, you lose more muscle which is denser than the fat and your body stores fat, so you have a higher body fat percentage despite dropping pounds on the scale. So you become fatter even though you may be shrinking. And this makes you even more susceptible to serious health conditions.



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